Welcome to Philtek Power

DC to AC Inverters for Telecom and Industrial Applications

Founded in 1976 with a commitment to reliability, innovation and customer service, Philtek is one of the world’s leading producers of large, parallel/redundant, inverter systems. With all engineering and manufacturing conducted in North America, Philtek supplies high quality DC to AC inverters for commercial and industrial Critical Power applications.

Philtek serves a large base of installations around the globe including:

Gas and electric utilities Hydroelectric
pipeline and exploration
radio colocation
Others, such as pulp and paper mills

Our products include DC to AC inverters and custom-designed battery chargers, frequency converters, and uninterruptible power supplies.

Based in Canada, Philtek manufactures and designs all its products at its world-class facility near Vancouver. Our extensive research and design program ensures our customers receive the most advanced and reliable technology available to the Critical Power industry.

Critical Load? Have DC, need AC? Philtek Inverters are the answer.

  • HPRi Telecom Inverters

  • Designed for the Telecommunications Industry

  • HPi Telecom Inverters

  • Designed for the Telecommunications Industry

  • PIVi Inverters

  • Industrial Grade Inverter