Dependable Manufacturer of DC to AC Inverters

Welcome to Philtek! Founded in 1976, we manufacture DC to AC inverters for telecommunications and other applications. Are you planning to increase your device’s critical load capacity? Do you have a DC equipment that needs converting to AC? Philtek Inverters are the answer.

Our Products

Philtek is one of the world’s leading producers of large, parallel/redundant inverter systems. We serve a wide range of industries worldwide, including:

  • Gas and Electric
  • Utilities
  • Hydroelectric and Dams
  • Pipeline and Exploration
  • Telecommunication
  • Public Transportation System

We manufacture and design all of our products at our facility in Richmond, BC, Canada. Our products include DC to AC inverters and custom-designed battery chargers, frequency converters and uninterruptible power supplies.

Philtek products are Canadian Standard Association (CSA) certified and designed to UL Standards. Our extensive research and development program ensures that customers receive advanced design products.

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